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I am...

Ms. Stephanie, a passionate preschool teacher and mother of 4 wonderful daughters who were born in 4 different European countries. I have lived in Panama for the past 9 years with my husband of 34 years who is also an educator. I am a certified Montessori school teacher, am also trained as an IB teacher (International Baccalaureate), and I worked in a Reggio Emilia inspired international preschool for many years. While living in Germany before coming to Panama, I enjoyed teaching English to German preschoolers. I was also a swimming, gymnastics, and ice skating coach for children aged 3-12. I believe that every child deserves an engaging, first-class, safe, and affordable education. I have three main goals for my online preschool: creating excitement about learning, nurturing a culture of inquiry, thinking and wonder, and making meaningful connections with students and parents.

Are you...

  • homeschooling this year and need an affordable preschool program for your child to attend from home?

  • living in a foreign country and looking for a community of learners from different cultures and nationalities for your 2-5 year old child ?

  • looking for a program for your young English Language Learner? We offer special classes with engaging activities so that your child learns to understand and speak English.

  • in general nervous to send your child to school with Covid cases on the rise ?

I would love to be your child's teacher. Join the Dolphin Online Preschool learning community.

We believe in an


At the Dolphin Online Preschool, we use the Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum by Joy Anderson, an inquiry-based learning approach that will prepare your child for kindergarten.

The Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum is the umbrella under which we connect the Reggio Emilia-inspired approach that honors each child's special way of learning and expressing him/herself, using 100 different languages. We believe in an inquiry-based approach and connecting with nature and our environment.

The Reggio Emilia Approach

What is the Reggio Emilia Approach?

Loris Malaguzzi was an early childhood educator who founded the educational philosophy known as the Reggio Emilia Approach. He was instrumental in the creation of a network of municipal preschools and infant-toddler centers in the Italian town of Reggio Emilia.

He believed

  • that children have 100 languages
  • that children are the protagonists in their own learning
  • that the environment is the third teacher
  • in long-term project work that stems from student-led inquiry
  • in parent involvement and partnership

Reggio Emilia Approach in Virtual School?

How is that possible?

I was very fortunate to study in Reggio Emilia in 2017. It was an invaluable experience for me as a teacher. During lockdown, I was able to keep the Reggio Emilia Approach alive while teaching online. The children explored, wondered, and learned using their own languages to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas while having fun. To see the Reggio Emilia-inspired approach in action in the classroom feels like magic; to see it come alive in virtual school is equally remarkable. I use teaching strategies that promote inquiry and wonder, self-confidence and a love for learning new things while appreciating nature and what is in the immediate environment. If you would like to know more, please email me at stephanie@dolphinonlinepreschool.com.

Parent Testimonials

"Ms. Stephanie is an exemplary educator, she puts her heart and soul into every interaction. She gets to know the children deeply with her many and varying strategies to connect and interact with each other. I particularly remember Ms. Stephanie's warm and loving giggles during class and meetings, making us all forget we were apart."

- Susanna G.

"Ms. Stephanie would ensure to always have different and fun activities to keep the children engaged (which is not easy for 3 year olds), and have them learning while playing. Ms. Stephanie built a loving and caring relationship with my son in the distance, which is one of the best things you can get from a teacher."

- Diego V.

"The Virtual School of Ms. Stephanie is amazing. Each class and activity is perfectly prepared and developed with love and dedication for children to enjoy, be happy and challenged. She made our lives easier and kinder in such a difficult time. We just loved her!"

- Martha S.

“We had the best of experiences with our twins in virtual school. They were always motivated to be observant, curious, confident and to learn through amazing scientific projects, songs, Storytime and games involving the family. Virtual School was made fun and easy in the best of hands. Ms. Stephanie is the best!”

- Valeria C.


Choose from these five programs:

2 to 3-year-olds

Dolphin Toddler Pod

2 to 3-year-old children are discovering the world around them and their place in it. They are full of curiosity and love to play. If you are looking for a space where you can engage in meaningful activities together with your child that encourages this sense of wonder as well as help develop language, and fine and gross motor skills, come and join our international community of friends.

3 to 5-year-olds

Dolphin Junior Pod

This is the right program for you if you want to prepare your 3 to 5-year-old child for kindergarten with live online classes where he/she learns important skills through exploring concepts. The children actively inquire into the world through science, art, and music, while we connect learning skills, e.g. literacy, math, and fine and gross motor skills. They play games, sing, dance, and have fun while interacting with their teacher and classmates. It is also important to us that the children learn social and life skills. And the best part? All this from the comfort of your home.

3 to 5-year-olds

Dolphin English Language Learners

If English is the second language of your preschooler, this is the right program for you. English is the universal language that bridges the gaps between countries. We have children from all over the world, e.g. the US, Germany, Panama, Venezuela, Korea, Israel, Africa, and Russia. We use the latest teaching strategies for English language learners, that involve engaging art and science activities, games, Storytime, movement songs, and fingerplays. There are different class times available, depending on whether your child is a beginner or has some understanding and vocabulary in English.

2 to 5-year-olds

Dolphin Personalized Activity Packages

Do you have a nanny or grandma caring for your child while you are working outside your home, and are you looking for ways to make their time together more meaningful?

You need not look further! I have the solution for you. You tell me about the interests of your child, and I will send you a package of 12 play-based activities that are personalized and connect directly to his or her interests at that moment. This way, your child will be fully engaged, learn age-appropriate skills, and have loads of fun while you are working. I will set you up on Seesaw, an interactive learning platform, and post the activities there. You can post the engagement of your child with the activity back on Seesaw, and I will comment and give suggestions for extending the learning.

2 to 5-year-olds

Dolphin In-Person Classes

In Panama City, Panama

Introducing our new Dolphin In-Person Classes for your little ones aged 1-5. As a convenient addition to our online preschool for those who live in Panama City, Panama, I am bringing the joy of learning right to your home. Perfect for busy working parents, this program offers personalized, engaging sessions with your child, providing them a rich learning experience in a comfortable setting. This might be a perfect opportunity for your nanny too, enhancing their childcare skills.

The fee covers transportation and quality educational materials. Join us on this exciting learning journey designed around your family's needs!

Interested in private one-on-one classes? Contact me! I'll gladly help!

Do you have Questions?

I am here to help

Do parents have to be present? This depends on each child individually. Some children at this age need their parents next to them during online classes, others are very comfortable on their own. In general, we encourage parents to collaborate with the teacher to help children learn effectively. I suggest we start out each class together and if your child seems comfortable, you can either stay or do other things you need to do.

​Do parents have to print things off or help outside of preschool class? No. Our curriculum is designed to be hands-on and self-contained so you don't have to supplement additional curriculum during the day.

Do parents have to buy materials? Engaging hands-on activities are part of our curriculum. Some materials might be needed and a list of materials is sent home the week prior to the activity. Most materials are household items or items that can be easily acquired and inexpensive.

What's the difference between your online preschool and Hooked on Phonics or ABC Mouse? The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that preschoolers have no more than 1 hour of screen time. Would you prefer your child used that hour on high-intensity video games or on face-to-face social interactions to prepare your child in EVERY WAY to develop socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and linguistically? I believe preschool is a hands-on experience. Our preschool is a place where each child can grow and learn in his/her own special way (using 100 different languages).

What if my child is shy, active, loud, etc.? After many years of teaching preschool, I have experience with all types of learners. I'm excited to teach your child and help him or her have a wonderful experience!

What requirements do I need to participate? You'll need internet and a laptop or desktop computer. You can use an iPad or a phone but we don't recommend a smaller device because it's too difficult to see everyone's faces and actually socialize with them.

I'm not technical. Will you show me how to login? Yes. We've put together easy to understand video trainings that will walk you through how to login. It's easy!

What platform is this using? We use Zoom, a free platform. The links we use to join our online classroom are exclusive to our preschool families so no one else can access the online classroom. Plus, our online classroom is monitored by a teacher at all times when in use.

How do I join Seesaw? No worries, I will help you set up Seesaw. It's very easy.

​I miss the friends I had with my child's local preschool. Can I connect with preschool parents in my child's preschool class? Absolutely! After signing up, you'll join our private Facebook group of wonderful preschool families. We're very supportive and excited to have you join us!

Do you have questions?

Please contact me at stephanie@dolphinonlinepreschool.com

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