Dolphin In-Person Classes

for 1 to 5-year-old children

Dolphin In-Person Classes

(in Panama City, Panama)

Experience the joy of personalized learning with Dolphin Online Preschool's new Dolphin In-Person Program! Taught by our experienced educator, who is Montessori-trained and highly experienced in the Reggio Emilia approach, this program promises a play-based and inquiry-based learning experience designed to spark your child's curiosity and develop essential skills such as math and literacy. From music and books to fine and gross motor activities, as well as experiments and STEM explorations, each session is filled with engaging elements catered to your child's unique interests.

Whether it's a parent, grandparent, or nanny, all are welcome to participate and share in the learning journey. I have worked with caretakers with limited English skills worldwide. It works! Dive into this immersive, transformative program with me, and watch your child's love for learning flourish!

How does an in-person class in Panama City, Panama work?

You decide how many times per week you would like me to come to your home and we will then find days/times for our classes together. We can meet once a week or up to four times a week. It's up to you and my availability. For each class, I will prepare an individualized lesson for your child based on their current interests that connect to learning certain skills. I will drive to your home and bring all the necessary materials with me. These materials include books, age-appropriate manipulatives, materials for STEM, literacy and math activities, all in line with the Reggio Emilia inspired approach. There is nothing for you to prepare. I will take care of everything. It's that easy.

How much do Dolphin In-Person Classes cost?

Fee per In-Person Dolphin Class:

$49 USD for 1 in-person class

$147 USD for 3 in-person classes

$294 USD for 6 in-person classes

$499 USD for 12 in-person classes

(special price for 12 classes)

Each class is 45-60 minutes long.

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