Dolphin English Language Learners!

for 3 to 5-year-old children

Dolphin English Language Learners

What makes our program special?

Preparing your child for success in the future early on?

English is the universal language that bridges the gaps between countries. In our ever-globalizing climate, it almost seems that the world and opportunities are becoming more accessible to our future leaders. Exposing our youngest learners is a sure way for them to learn this language. Research shows that children are like sponges and are able to learn a language the easiest when they are young. Children from all over the world have joined our classes. English may be their second or third language. We have children from many different countries in our school such as Germany, Venezuela, Korea, Russia, Israel, and Africa. This diversity of cultures adds so many rich learning opportunities for the children in addition to learning English. We make learning English meaningful and fun.

Teaching Strategies

Children learn best by doing. At the Dolphin Online Preschool, that's exactly how we teach. We engage all of the children's senses through hands-on activities and use gestures and visuals for learning new words. Most importantly, we review what has been learned in different contexts. This keeps learning fresh and fun and builds on what we have learned. We make sure that the children move throughout the lesson, and that the pace of each activity is different, e.g. a movement song is followed by Storytime.

The lessons are designed around a concept, e.g. colors, and explored through the senses, e.g. by doing experiments or art activities. We also connect songs, fingerplays, and stories that add meaning and vocabulary to the concept. Playing games like BINGO or charades that consist of vocabulary that connects to the concept is also a fundamental part of our instruction. From our first class on, I observe the students, learn about their interests, and plan my lessons around them to make the learning meaningful and individualized for them.

Live Class

In each class, your child will share 45 minutes of live learning and engagement with up to 2 other preschool friends. During our live online sessions, your child will be interacting with a highly-experienced, passionate international school teacher. The Dolphin Online Preschool live classes are in real-time and never pre-recorded.

  • Storytime
  • Science experiments
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Singing & dancing
  • Playing games
  • Show & Share

and much more!

Enrichment Activities

Your child has access to the Enrichment Activities section of the Families area of the Dolphin Online Preschool. You can use the following activities at any time and how many times you wish. We are continuously adding to our Enrichment Activities. Stay tuned!

  • Pre-recorded Spanish classes taught by one of our co-teachers so children aged 3-10 can learn Spanish.

  • New Feature: Storytime with Debra

  • Online field trips: you will have access to approximately 100 field trips around the world.

  • Epic Online Library

Fees & Schedule

Fee for 1-Day per Week:

Fee: $79 USD (or 75 Euro) for 4 classes per month

  • 4 live online classes (45 minutes each) per month
  • Access to our Enrichment Activities


Tuesday or Wednesday

9:00 - 9:45 am EST/Panama

(15:00 in Berlin, Amsterdam, 17:00 in Moscow)


4:00 - 4:45 pm EST/Panama

For private one-on-one classes, please contact me.

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